April 1, 2016
Making Ideas Tangible: 3D Printing At Georgetown
Georgetown CNDLS Prospect Magazine
Layer by layer an idea is made real. Additive manufacturing technology, better known as 3D printing, has transformed the Gelardin New Media Center into a micro-factory, with two busy MakerBots working to turn computer renderings into tangible objects. This time they are rendering innovative snack bar ideas to help No Kid Hungry prototype and bring to market a new product with the Toms Shoes business model: buy a snack bar and feed a kid for lunch...
July 24, 2014
A Desirable Future Haiku
The Message Blog
Kevin Kelley asked the crowd to envision plausible and desirable 100 year futures in 100 words and offered $100 as a reward for the one he would most like to live in. Kelley's commentary on envisioning positive futures is powerful and his contribution of a desirable future is inspiring. "It’s a hard assignment. Compressing anything as messy as the future into 100 words is a near-impossible challenge. Almost like writing poetry. And 100 years is so immensely distant from us that we need to fictionalize it. But the most difficult part is imagining a scenario that is desirable.” "My choice for the most plausible vision of a future I desire goes to John Hanacek’s scenario. I think I’d like to live there, and I think it is plausible in 100 years. My $100 goes to him." - Kevin Kelley,
April 18, 2014
Beyond Network Feudalism
Invited as early reviewer for Jeremy Rifkin's book "Zero Marginal Cost Society"
Huffington Post
Our civilization has a new reality. Computers meshed together by digital networks have transcended the system that built them becoming a new reality, a place where duplicating and moving information has near zero marginal cost. This alone has changed the nature of the world; we have a virtual playground where the reality of scarcity we have known and endured is largely gone....
March 21, 2014
Toward the Answer Engine - Part 1 & 2
Atlantic Council Futuresource Blog
In this two-part blog, John Hanacek forecasts a future in which the line between material and virtual reality is gradually more blurred, with people living in both realms simultaneously. In this new world, the Internet may also be increasingly a real-time extension of our memory and our access to knowledge, answering our questions before they are even posed and potentially manipulating our desires and our behavior. Hanacek looks first at the upside of the “answer engine Internet” and then at its dangers.


Georgetown - Communication Culture & Technology MA
July 2, 2016
As We May Sketch
As a recovering 'mathphobe' working in software and UX design I am now hungry to internalize mathematical concepts, yet finding there is still a disconnect between my desired level of programming prowess and the realities of the computer medium. I am on a quest to learn myself and make it easier for everyone else to learn. I believe that everyone deserves to know how to think systematically and execute their intention in the form of computer programs. The ability to implement formal logic is part of the new literacy. It can usher in a new kind of metamathematical language tool where human expression is the code.
Georgetown - Communication Culture & Technology MA
December 22, 2015
Conversing with Computers: Retrieving the Past, Ideas for the Future
CCT 820 "Leading By Design - Principles of Technical and Social Systems" Final Paper
Can we use sketching into computers to help teach concepts of logic? Or more grandiosely: Can we allow young children to use their innate drawing abilities to explore advanced concepts in programming and logic at their own pace all while their hearts and minds are engaged? I propose a forwarding of the design thinking behind Alan Kay’s Dynabook concept, while updating it with new research into sketch-based learning and creation tools. This piece is broken into 4 parts with a conclusion.
Georgetown - Communication Culture & Technology MA
June 1, 2015
Capturing, Tracing, and Visualizing the Spread of Technology-Enhanced Instructional Strategies
Davis, D., Hanacek, J., Myers, A., Mulroney, S., Pennestri, S., Vovides, Y.
EduLearn 2015 conference; Barcelona, Spain (July 2015)
The aim of this paper is to describe the process and results of capturing, tracing, and visualizing the spread and evolution of Technology enhanced instructional strategies within medical and graduate education. The paper shows the resulting network of influences in relation to the adoption of these strategies across individuals and communities within Georgetown University as well as beyond its organizational boundaries. The paper concludes by proposing that a knowledge exchange framework may serve as an alternative to more traditional evaluation methods and return on investment models used in higher education.


Georgetown - Communication Culture & Technology MA
January 4, 2015
Capitalism, The Internet & Network Power
Are the most recent digital monopolies flukes, or are monopolies still an overall feature of the networked world? Despite early proclamations that the Internet could resist monopoly, is there some broader systemic reason why monopoly has re-emerged at this juncture of the Internet? In this paper, I explore Yochai Benkler's discussion of new non-commercial forms of cultural production by juxtaposing these conceptions with excerpts from Tobias Schäfer's Bastard Culture. This analysis is framed through the lens of David Singh Grewal’s Network Power: The Social Dynamics of Globalization and guided by the long perspective provided by Fernand Braudel's seminal analysis of the emergence of Capitalism in Capitalism and Material Life, 1400-1800...
UC San Diego - Political Science International Relations BA
July 1, 2012
Remote Controlled Warfare
In its current usage as a targeted killing platform, the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) or ‘drone’ represents a fundamental challenge to the idea of proportionality as discussed in just war theory. In combining surveillance and strike into a singular package devoid of risk to its operators, RPA have become a destabilizing force to the ideas of justice in war–jus in bello–and justice of war–jus ad bellum–due to the shift in risk calculation that their unique capabilities allow. The concept of proportionality is understood as managing the use of force such that it does not become a greater evil than the one it is fighting. In removing any threat to operators’ lives, the drone critically unbalances the notion of proportionality and risks making the choice to deploy lethal force seductively easy...‍
Georgetown - Communication Culture & Technology MA
November 20, 2016
Building Blocks of Life: Synthetic Biology’s Newness
On May 20, 2010, the J. Craig Venter Institute announced it had created the world’s first self-replicating synthetic (human–made from chemical parts) genome in a bacterial cell of a different species. In response, President Obama tasked the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues to explore and review the developing field of synthetic biology, with an eye toward ethical boundaries and risk mitigation. They published “New Directions: The Ethics of Synthetic Biology and Emerging Technologies” in December of 2010. Aside from ethical and efficacy explorations the report takes time to explicitly discuss the newness of synthetic biology, and the Commission takes a decidedly pragmatic stance on said newness...
Georgetown - Communication Culture & Technology MA
October 20, 2016
Hidden Metric Spaces Underlie Network Topology - Surveying New Theories
Some years ago I began to wonder: how does information propagate inside of networks? Does it have general dynamics that hold true across all networks? I wanted to know beyond the symptom level, I wanted to know what flowing “looks like” at the level of node-to-node communication. How does a given node “see" the inside of a network?
Georgetown - Communication Culture & Technology MA
December 15, 2014
Disarming the Patent Wars
Intellectual property law in the US has noble intentions, "to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.” Patent in particular was designed to protect and incentivize the inventor to innovate. However, through decades of evidence, particularly as observed in software and digital technology, it is becoming clear that patent protection serves more to protect entrenched monopolies than incentivize innovation. Patent is not a particularly powerful incentive to innovate; in fact over time it increasingly functions inversely to this goal. More deeply, patent is intrinsically incompatible with the nature of technology. The modular nature of technology sees patent gridlock becoming an inevitable fixture of any sufficiently advanced technological landscape...
November 25, 2021
AWE 2021 A Metaverse Of Walled Gardens
In these precedented times it was a joy to see many of my favorite XR industry friends in person. Although we work on 3D immersive technology, the physical world is still where we go for full connection. For how much longer will the meat-verse remain so much better than a metaverse that we will want to fly in from around the world to visit with each other?
March 18, 2021
Virtual Avatars Solve Video Fatigue
With Microsoft's latest announcement of Mesh it seems the perfect time to explain to anyone who will hear that the answer to video malaise we are stuck in, and the portal to a new world of possibility and innovation, is already here in the form of virtual avatar platforms and tools.
April 22, 2019
AvatarRESCUE - ATThack Win IBM Watson Challenge!
Winners of #IBM's $5k prize at #atthack for use of IBM Cloud and Watson Services, AvatarRescue. They utilized a #MagicLeapOne and #Watson Speech to Text, Text to Speech, and Watson Assistant to provide animations for first responders via VR/AR.
April 2, 2019
Virtual Medicine 2019 - VR in Healthcare Arrives
Exciting revolutionary change is happening right now, 2019 is immersive technology's arrival moment; from the labs and experiments to the real world.
February 15, 2019
3D Shared Drawing in Magic Leap & Across devices with Spatiate!
This medium of ‘projected light’ is what I have been waiting for as an artist for many years. Unlike 3D modeling in a computer, we now have a medium that allows for 3D expression at the scale of being in a direct way. To draw with the world in this new way is hypnotic and beautiful as an experience, and the results are fascinating even at this early beta stage.
January 19, 2019
Avatar Chat with Savannah Niles Leading Social & Avatars at Magic Leap
Talking with Savannah as an avatar was a beautiful and surreal experience. It really felt like we were sharing space together, because we were! We stood up, shifted weight, moved around and even high fived and ended with a fist bump! She is in Florida and I’m in California and we hung out in shared space together for over 40 minutes and could have kept going. Social on Magic Leap has already changed everything for me. Video calling is a weird outlier as far as Im concerned: the experience of being avatars is that much better. I don’t want to sit and stare at a screen I want to inhabit the same space as a friend, and that’s what Social on Magic Leap lets us do.
October 26, 2018
Magic Leap Play, LEAPcon friends, and the future of XR as Language & Healthcare
We’re on version one of version one version of new reality. So yes indeed does it have bugs and foibles. The FOV is just big enough to start getting a taste for proper synthesis of graphics and view. Yet it’s still a floating rectangle of perception. A big rectangle, yet edged nevertheless.
October 25, 2017
Art Math, Math Art - Toward a Boundless Grounded Infinity
Harness the power of drawing into computers to let a blank canvas become running code, bridge fuzzy expression with rigid logics into an extensible by default play/work-space for all ages.
August 9, 2017
SIGGRAPH 2017 & The Birthing Of Interactive External Imagination
I attended SIGGRAPH 2017 in LA and was struck by how mature the technologies are. It felt like a capstone moment, when so much of what I had dreamt of over the recent years of my life started to look tantalizingly possible.
July 7, 2017
Bridging Rigid Logics with Blurry Imaginations
The future will see the “front” and “back” of computation merge into a holistic loop where generative logics allow computers to learn as they are used. The loops in our minds will be further augmented by loops through machines that begin to not just manipulate saved libraries, but increasingly generate new forms. We are, I think, at a profound crossroads in the path: will computing be continually defined by linear “processing”, or can we move it toward continuous relational inference? I think we must move to the latter, for the affordances of the future will enable and demand new human-scale ways to program computers. We are in the midst of a latent programming revolution.
June 23, 2017
The Blockchain is So Meta, Maybe That's Why I'm So Excited By It
This in many ways is the ultimate continuation of the “control revolution”: creating a money that is not a token so much as a network. Something that knows about itself at all times, allowing transparency of a level never before possible. it will not allow us to just escape from existing theoretical and historical realities. We are in complex times and complexity is path dependent.
November 22, 2013
A New Economy From AR Visors: View-Sharing
Devices like Google Glass promise to bring information into our periphery and usher in a new level of connectivity for our society. One of the biggest impacts will undoubtedly be the addition of a camera to everyone’s face. Coupled with network connectivity, these first-person perspective cameras will usher in a new economy: first person view-sharing.
February 22, 2022
Quiet Corridor
When the human noise started, the ancient comms dissolved, the Quiet Corridor is just a start of reparations for the sea. The intrepid researchers who Zeb found for this mission shared a common desire to bring justice to the nonhuman persons of the ocean before they started, he just had the specific idea, money for gear and a modest yet capable research vessel ready to set sea.
February 11, 2021
Office Life
Buzz Buzz Buzz BUZZZZZ *tap* The alarm is silenced. Franklin groans, gets up and walks to the bathroom. Lights on, he looks in the mirror. Piss, shower, brush teeth, all happen automatically. Conscious brain not bothered to wake yet. Franklin continues automatically, dresses, grabs some kind of fiber bar from his pantry and heads out the door....
January 4, 2021
Sprites Alive
In my time, I am the earth's orgasm. I am the earth’s anger. I am the earth musing. I am the earth laughing. In my time I am an electric thought hung in the atmosphere of this world’s being - suspended in an electric universe, all one pattern yet of many scales...
May 25, 2020
A Solarian Terran from EarthStar Year 11 Muses About Your Time
Atter skatch into a sunbeam, our tendril finds coherency Oscillating the expander… ... Quantized! As structured light crystallizes into the receiver web, I ponder: what was life like before the remembrance of the sun?...
March 2, 2019
The AIrchangel of Simspace
“Back off Terrance or whoever you are, I mean it!” Susie’s avatar declares. “What I’m just wondering what you think you’re doing over here in the nanofab sim lab all by yourself when you know its a dude zone, you looking for some dick? I got some” This Terrance Avatar opened its right hand for direct pict share.And Susie’s avatar blasted out a red barrier that rendered the other avatar a formless blob. The blob knows that this shield is up, so it starts to move around, circling. ...
September 21, 2018
Ara's Eyez Spy Something New
Ara likes to walk alone, walking alone gives her more time with her Eyez. She makes a finger gun at the stop sign and blows overlaid bullet holes into it, little bit of clipping on the overlay as she does a quick spin around and throws some GIFfetti in the air of shiba inu on a skeleton head dancing back and forth. Doge makes her feel better haha
August 20, 2018
The Hero The Mob Needed Right Then
“Oh my God, everyone view-share with me you have to see this!” Amy blurted out using all her stored reputation score to do the biggest exclamation she could afford on ViewMe. Her view showed the protestor’s worst fears: the police had infiltrated the barrier. It had been a trick! If anyone had bothered to check a sat-view they would have seen the cops massing at the south side of the park. Instead everyone had view-shared with someone looking at a detachment of police on the north east side of the park firing tear gas cans like bullets into the demonstrators...
May 9, 2018
Service As A Service
I'm laughing my ass off when my Agent materializes before me. "What do you want?!" I ask grouchily, trying to get it to go away since it usually represents work for me. "Sir, I have fielded an incoming call as you from a person named 'Steve' who I cannot ascertain whether is an agent or not. My inference database has found evidence in your social cloud that you do know this person, would you like to take this call?" Ug, fine whatever. "Ya ya connect me." ...
April 8, 2018
Arjuna and Krishna Speak Again In The New Old World
In the mirror he straightens his tie. Not often does he wear them, but tonight is special. His blockchain protocol MetaCoin has completed its initial coin offering and now his team is worth three hundred and sixty four million dollars. That is still the currency of food, so Arjuna considers himself blessed that many millions of times...
December 11, 2017
The Shelter
The fires have been raging for decades, and each season there are less houses. More and more folks are just roaming the streets and sleeping in the still temperate climate of Southern California. There’s becoming so many that it’s not much use to talk about policing them, and the housing market just keeps building luxury condos and trying to extract high profits. So, entrepreneurs like Terrance, the Shelter founder, are stepping up to the plate with solutions for our fellow homeless citizens. Those high condo profits are doing something in the roundabout through the California Sheltering Hope fund that pays our bills...
March 3, 2015
School Astride the Metaverse - Educating the System
Every day at around lunchtime it was the same: Carl would retire to the school’s VR lab, don a pair of goggles, stand in front of the highest resolution tracker array and load up the “Universe Evolution and Entropy Simulation Environment” in a private room in the school's VR environment.He’d scale it out to “observable universe” and run it again and again. He placed himself at every 3D angle, did elaborate 3D repositions as he ran time forward and backward. Over and over and over...
March 2, 2015
School Astride the Metaverse - Expression Capture Day
The kids usually hammed it up during the expression capture part. The system did its best to smooth out the input but it always led to the kids’ avatars being a bit overly expressive. It better reflected their spirit, Ms. Chang had always thought.
March 1, 2015
School Astride the MetaVerse - A Standard Final Assignment
“Where the hell is John!? He has the model for the cable captures! We can’t load the bridge without him!” Jordan was pissed, she and the rest of Team Orange were all assembled at the starting zone and had loaded their pieces of the bridge assignment into the sim-space. It was a beautiful design; Steve and her had really gone all out in meshing the pieces together. But John had the cable captures and they couldn’t load the bridge into the physics space until he showed up with them.