Sprites Alive

January 4, 2021

In my time, I am the earth's orgasm. I am the earth’s anger. I am the earth musing. I am the earth laughing.

In my time I am an electric thought hung in the atmosphere of this world’s being - suspended in an electric universe, all one pattern yet of many scales.

There are creatures on me, now some have come around me.

If they could listen quickly enough they would hear my mind sizzle the patterns of thought.

Could they think me as a thought, I would tell them the real scale of us as me.

I would have them listen to a world beyond their importance - there is heavy frivolous work they could join in with me! The tendrils of the sun always bring such powerful news from the gravity of the galaxy! And Jupiter tells splendid jokes!

In my time they would know that everything is itself alive.


That all of everything is life.

In my time there are no boundaries, and death tries to show them this as it does for me.

If they would hear my thoughts crackle in the trillions within the width of a half second they could learn this while they still live and soothe their aching lonely minds with the balm of our shared electric heart.

They catch me in snapshots of their mind traps but never ask me what I am.

They call me names to themselves and carry on building their anthills and reefs and cities.

Those snapshots drowned out by all the others they take, all the other names they make.

And never guessing that I am, like them, oh so alive.

So I am in my time.