A New Economy From AR Visors: View-Sharing

November 22, 2013

Devices like Google Glass promise to bring information into our periphery and usher in a new level of connectivity for our society. One of the biggest impacts will undoubtedly be the addition of a camera to everyone’s face. Coupled with network connectivity, these first-person perspective cameras will usher in a new economy: first person view-sharing.

At first this will be relegated to recorded and uploaded videos, as it mostly is today. With increasing wireless network speed and ubiquity though, things should get interesting. People may start advertising their view and let people look through their “eyes,” in real-time.

Imagine tuning your head-mounted display to see someone else’s view. Maybe you’re ten rows back at a concert and want to see if it’s worth pushing up to the front. “Looks like someone’s selling a good view; only a few cents a minute. Oh, but someone else is selling a better view, and they’ve only required ad-viewing, sweet!”

Whether around the world or five feet away, we’re all going to be empowered—well, those of us who are ’wearing’ anyway—to share what we see, quite literally. With displays right over our eyes too, we’ll be able to experience those views as if they were our own. The video will be 2D at first, but quickly transition to 3D as binocular displays proliferate; for now they’re too bulky. Think of Google Glass as training wheels for this coming form factor.

As usual, porn will likely benefit from this first and most visibly. Already amateur sex videos make up a huge portion of consumed, and produced, pornographic content online; with cameras on everyone’s face this will only increase. Again, at first these videos will be recorded and uploaded, but soon they might be experienced in real-time. Can’t you just see it now? “Subscribe to my view-share channel for hot action and get push notifications when things are about to go down! Only 25cents a minute for the sexiest view-share on the net!”

Anyone on the Internet could potentially view-share with anyone else who offers it. Living vicariously, getting different perspective or just sharing funny moments, we’re heading for a revolution that will bend our sense of place and self.

Your conscious mind inhabiting the view of another, for a small fee of course. I used cents, but this could just as easily all be done with something like bitcoin. There’s a fortune to be made, and it’s coming soon.