Infinity's Rerun: Episode 1
Concept Acting, Co-director, co-writer
Living in Our Hybrid Reality
Concept Acting, Co-director, co-writer
In this video I wanted to lay out the framework of my thinking about the blending of digital and physical reality into an increasingly interwoven hybrid reality. While the video was specifically for CCT, it also represents threads of my personal thesis and views on the irrelevance of viewing technological change as clearly demarcated to "good or bad". Instead I focus on a more nuanced approach to change, and argue that in order to cope with existence we must learn to cope with change itself.
The Drones Are Here: Technology At A Crossroad
Created for Methods of Media Production Fall 2015, Georgetown CCT by John Hanacek & Casey Tilton
Drones are dropping in cost and improving in capability. What are the implications of more people interacting with and operating drones? What strains will camera drones place on conceptions of privacy? How will the drone fit into the lives of people? What can these little things even do right now? This project explores the affordances of small consumer drones and discusses implications of and roadblocks to the age of drones.

Teens Dream - Arlington Independent Media

My section starts at 23min mark
Got to talk about Teens Dream, the organization that I helped co-create with Linda Staheli, in this great segment that will kick off a new show on Arlington Independent Media. It's been incredible to watch Teens Dream grow, we now get videos from teens globally. The future is fine because the change is here now!

Debate - "Technology Will Bring Us Together

I took the "for" side on this motion, arguing that technology is a reflection of human desire, thus if we desire to be together then we can be. Technology's design is the result of human choices. Currently technological artifacts are designed by a comparatively tiny minority of humanity, but this can change. Technology is not an other to you, it is part of your human experience - you deserve to learn how it functions and inject yourself in the conversation.

Panel Moderator - "I, Self: Converging on Consiousness"

What is consciousness? How do we define our own existence? A panel discussion exploring the emergence and possible reproduction of consciousness and what it means to us.
It was a privilege to moderate this panel for gnovis, Georgetown's interdisciplinary journal of Communication Culture and Technology (CCT). I helped conceptualize and assemble the panel, which consisted of a Neuroscience PhD candidate, a professor of religious/cultural studies focusing on Buddhism's relationship to Science, and the founding director of Georgetown's CCT program to discuss the state of consciousness studies and navigate some of the fundamental questions surrounding the phenomenon of conscious experience.


Assisted inventor STONY in creating first English language manual for VapoJET to serve as ventilator during COVID19 and in remote/austere settings
Skills used: Communication, design, graphic 2D & 3D, layout