Influence combines analogue and digital arts where a black outline of trees a wilderness camping trip is laid over a Javascript rendered projection of stars. As participants click, hold,  and move the mouse, patterns and graphics emerge in the night sky.

Displayed at Georgetown MediaFest 2016

Transformed into Jhana.Zone and brought to life on Magic Leap One


Your influence changes the world! You are a God...ish

'God-ish' is an interactive video installation where viewers are invited to change a peaceful looping rain scene into a lightning strike with thunder to follow with just the power of their hand.

Displayed at Georgetown MediaFest 2015


Conceptual design, video capture, co-developer with Nathan Danskey

Based on 'God...ish" featured at Georgetown MediaFest 2016 and DC Webfest

3D Drawing

Photogrammetry & photoscans

Animating a Kyra V Brandt drawing.

Galaxy Cat

Might offer directions?

Transformed into Jhana.Space and brought to life on Magic Leap One

Blink If You Can Hear Me

Password: opticnerve

Terrorist Number Four

Password: t#4