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Virtual Avatars Solve Video Fatigue
March 18, 2021
With Microsoft's latest announcement of Mesh it seems the perfect time to explain to anyone who will hear that the answer to video malaise we are stuck in, and the portal to a new world of possibility and innovation, is already here in the form of virtual avatar platforms and tools.
3D Shared Drawing in Magic Leap & Across devices with Spatiate!
February 15, 2019
This medium of ‘projected light’ is what I have been waiting for as an artist for many years. Unlike 3D modeling in a computer, we now have a medium that allows for 3D expression at the scale of being in a direct way. To draw with the world in this new way is hypnotic and beautiful as an experience, and the results are fascinating even at this early beta stage.
Magic Leap Play, LEAPcon friends, and the future of XR as Language & Healthcare
October 26, 2018
We’re on version one of version one version of new reality. So yes indeed does it have bugs and foibles. The FOV is just big enough to start getting a taste for proper synthesis of graphics and view. Yet it’s still a floating rectangle of perception. A big rectangle, yet edged nevertheless.
Art Math, Math Art - Toward a Boundless Grounded Infinity
October 25, 2017
Harness the power of drawing into computers to let a blank canvas become running code, bridge fuzzy expression with rigid logics into an extensible by default play/work-space for all ages.

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Capitalism, The Internet & Network Power
January 4, 2015
Are the most recent digital monopolies flukes, or are monopolies still an overall feature of the networked world? Despite early proclamations that the Internet could resist monopoly, is there some broader systemic reason why monopoly has re-emerged at this juncture of the Internet? In this paper, I explore Yochai Benkler's discussion of new non-commercial forms of cultural production by juxtaposing these conceptions with excerpts from Tobias Schäfer's Bastard Culture. This analysis is framed through the lens of David Singh Grewal’s Network Power: The Social Dynamics of Globalization and guided by the long perspective provided by Fernand Braudel's seminal analysis of the emergence of Capitalism in Capitalism and Material Life, 1400-1800...
Remote Controlled Warfare
July 1, 2012
In its current usage as a targeted killing platform, the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) or ‘drone’ represents a fundamental challenge to the idea of proportionality as discussed in just war theory. In combining surveillance and strike into a singular package devoid of risk to its operators, RPA have become a destabilizing force to the ideas of justice in war–jus in bello–and justice of war–jus ad bellum–due to the shift in risk calculation that their unique capabilities allow. The concept of proportionality is understood as managing the use of force such that it does not become a greater evil than the one it is fighting. In removing any threat to operators’ lives, the drone critically unbalances the notion of proportionality and risks making the choice to deploy lethal force seductively easy...‍